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Bottle Opener Money Clip

Natural Brown Bottle Opener Money Clip This RFID Secure Western Money Clip has a credit card slot on the back and 3 more on the front. There is a large center pocket where currency and additional cards may be stored. With your bottle opener attached and always at your side, you’ll never go thirsty again! The natural grain leather is rich in character and will allow for a beautiful patina to develop over time.


  • 4 card slots
  • Larger Center Storage Compartment
  • Money Clip doubles as a bottle opener
  • Dimensions:
       4.380 x 2.750 x 0.250 inches
  • Product Weight:
       2.13 ounces
All of our products are developed in partnership with Identity Stronghold LLC USA, who are the original inventors of this RFID shielding technology.
Each individual pocket is completely shielded, locking your personal information safely inside.
Thanks to this smart design, even when your wallet is wide open, each card is protected.

SBD Approval

This RFID blocking leather money clip has a Secure by Design Police Approval Specification for Identity Fraud Protection.

This item is available in the following colours
Natural Brown Bottle Opener Money Clip      
Natural Brown Bottle Opener Money Clip      
This item is currently out of stock      
7028 Filled Back        

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