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Working in partnership with the world leading Identity Stronghold LLC based in Florida, USA, our mission is to provide peace of mind to users of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) for Access Control, Contactless Payment Cards and RFID chipped Passports. Our RFID blocking products offer protection from card clash, identity theft and electronic pickpocketing!

RFID protection is becoming more and more important as payment cards have the facility to make contactless payments for travel including the tram, tube and national rail services and all buses in and around London. Credit and debit cards are being charged without your knowledge through contactless payment facilities. If you touch your purse or wallet containing more than one contactless card against a scanner, this can allow your fare to be charged to a card you didn't intend and you could to be charged twice for your travel.This is known as card clash.

The technology that is used to allow contactless card payments is known as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). Due to the simplicity of the technology, criminals can easily and cheaply construct their own clandestine RFID readers. This means they can simply scan past your purse or wallet with the hidden card reader and access your private and financial information quickly and silently.

For peace of mind, place your contactless payment cards and RFID chipped passports in our secure RFID blocking sleeves where they can't be seen by RFID readers or used by mistake! This provides increased security and RFID protection. Each RFID blocking sleeve is made of high quality advanced composite material with a paper finish, providing durability, weather and water resistance for all our stylish sleeves. Available in designer packs of five assorted prints for Card Sleeves and designer packs of two assorted prints for Passport Sleeves to suit your style, RFID protection has never looked so good.

SBD Approval

All our products have a Secure by Design Police Approval Specification for Identity Fraud Protection.

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